Refinery 23 horoscope january 2020

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You'll naturally be drawn to the beauty found in nature. If you have a desire to enhance your palate for food or art, this is is the month to get experimental. You can have a bit of a power struggle with those who admire and respect your authority but also want to exert their own independent nature. This can be a time of trial and error. You have an opportunity here though to learn how to let go and let God in a big way. Talking and listening are themes you'll get to experience more of this month. You might be taking a road trip with a friend and start opening up about your dreams and fears.

If you have been holding things inside and now you're ready to explore what your thoughts and feelings are, this is a great month to invest in coaching, therapy or even a life group. There are months where you're at a high risk of spending and months when making money becomes easier. Investments, working and getting compensated for what you do are all in the mix for this month. This is a great time to dig in and learn about real estate, investments, how your banking situation can be improved and even pulling up your credit to see where you can fix any existing problems.

You have an opportunity to make major life improvements this month and starting today, your determination shows up in a big way.

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You may even have a bit of a glow about you as your life energy lights up with the Sun in your sign. There are people, places, and things that we remember and each memory provides an opportunity to see how history plays out and makes us into the person that we are today. There are times when good people show up and enrich your life.

Where should you travel next, according to your zodiac sign?

Then, there are friends who are in your life but they aren't necessarily going to be in it forever. You will be making all sorts of connections this month and the area to anticipate the most change is in your friendship circle. New Orleans, home to eclectic jazz and voodoo vibes, is very much your yen. An independent spirit, you're happy to enjoy a holiday alone, at least some of the time.

CAPRICORN: December 22 - January 20

But if you do team up with anyone, fellow watery types — Cancer, Pisces and Scorpios like you — will suit you best. Where to go: Marvellous Morocco is Scorpio ruled, and it really taps into your lure towards the exotic, with hidden souks and hazy mountain trails. Also look to Myanmar or Ecuador for your off-radar kicks. Traveller type: Ultimate wanderluster. Congratulations — you are THE traveller and explorer of the Zodiac, with big planet Jupiter as your ruler driving a need for global connections.

4th of January, - Facts, Nostalgia and Events!

Exploring the world is something that strongly appeals to your gregarious, outward-looking nature. You love the roaming freedom of travel and naturally resist boundaries. You just want to explore, so big, bucket-list trips should be right in your crosshairs.

There is a side to your nature that is a real hedonist, too: you can have a lot of fun letting your hair down, and you'll probably be seeking out a party whenever you are in the world. Australia also beckons: perhaps with a camper van trip into the outback? And Peru, offering party cities and far-flung peaks, should not be overlooked.

Your star sign symbol is the mountain goat, and that gives you a real clue as to what you might like doing on holiday. As a Capricorn, you could be a really enthusiastic mountain trekker, with alpine peaks providing the kind of big perspective you hanker after. A trip into the wild will also help curb your reputation as the workaholic of the Zodiac, providing some much-needed downtime. You tend to go at a slow pace, which is what you'll really enjoy on holiday; you'll be able to slow down and pull back. There's also a sense of history and legacy which is key your star sign, and may well govern the places you're drawn to Oxford in the UK, for example is a Capricorn city.

Your perfect travel companions will be other Earth signs: seek out Taurus, Virgo and fellow Capricorn travellers. Where to go: Unplug in Chilean Patagonia, hike the Himalayan hills or immerse yourself in the ancient archeology of Jordan to sate your historical appetite. Generally speaking, there are two types of Aquarius: the science geek and the new-age hippie. Either way, you tend not to like to conform to what everyone else is doing; and on holiday, this translates to destinations that are different, unusual or overlooked.

Taking on a true, wayward adventure is a very Aquarian thing to do. Moscow and St Petersburg in Russia are both Aquarius cities, and more remote parts of Scandinavia will also be a magnet to your intrepid streak. Bear in mind, too, that you're one of the most humanitarian signs of the Zodiac. So, you might like to double on up any travel plans with an element of charity or volunteer work.

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Eco-awareness is also very important to you. Where to go: Try visiting Iceland out of season, to explore its dramatic glaciers, waterfalls and more from a whole new perspective. Stay in a unique jungle lodge in the heart of the Bornean rainforest, for a chance to see endangered orangutans, or camp out in eco tree tents in the woods of summer Finland.

Neptune, the God of the sea, is one of the major planets associated with your star sign. Being by the sea is crucial to you; it's a place where you can feel soulful, and truly relax.

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Sailing or boating holidays will also appeal: really anything that chimes with the theme of water will serve you well. The people you travel with are important, too: there's a gentle, empathetic side to your nature, and you need an emotional connection with the people you travel with. Reach out to other water signs; Cancer, Scorpio and fellow Pisces, for travellers who fit into your vibe. Yours is the last sign of the Zodiac and often there's a spiritual or religious side to your nature.

Santiago de Compostela in Spain is a Pisces town, as is Egypt. Where to go: Head on a sea-faring pilgrimage to the beautiful islands of the Philippines, or zip around the Balinese coast by boat. The pyramids of ancient Egypt will give your spiritual side food for thought, along with Nile sailing to sweeten that sea-loving soul. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.


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The dwarf planet has been retrograde since April And on October 2, it. Early in the morning on Saturday, 28th September, the new moon will rise in Libra, the sign of the Scales. All new moons symbolise new beginnings, and with.